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[BaD] Broken as Designed Server Rules / Noob Friendly / & / MEE Middle East Escalation / Updated

EpinephrineEpinephrine Member Posts: 2

Welcome to Broken As Designed (BAD) Squad Server! Please make sure to read the rules below.


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Seeding Rules

- No enemy fob camping

- Place your fobs behind/on your side of the seeding point

- No vehicle weapons

- No emplacements

- No pushing past specified fight points

- Server remains under seed rules until admin calls it live (arbitrary player count)

- No fortification in or around the center fighting point during seeding

General Rules

- English only in voice comms

- Apologize for all TK's in all chat default (J).

- No religious, controversial, or political discussions.

- Vehicles requiring a crewman kit for the gunner role must be operated by 2 players. The vehicle can't leave main for any reason without at least 2 crewman inside.

- Do not exploit in game bugs/glitches; including, wall glitching, shooting from within HASCO walls, building more assets than usually permitted to bypass game limits, scaling using sandbags, etc.

- Do not waste your teams assets. Heli Ramming, leaving logies unmanned, etc. are examples of wasting assets

- Heli pilots cannot take the commander role. Heli pilots also should not be a squad lead with an infantry squad if they aren't working together. Pass Squad Lead off to someone else.

Squad Rules

- Squad leaders must have a SL kit and use a microphone. Squad leads without an SL kit ( Squad Lead, Lead Crewman, or Lead Pilot) will be removed from squad and/or have their squad disbanded.

- All players must follow Squad leader and Commander orders.

- Do not create a squad if you're not going to lead it. Squad baiting is not permitted.

- Do not pass off the squad leader role without permission, disband the squad if no one will

- No religious/controversial/political usernames or squad names.

- Do not lock a squad with less than four players; role-specific named squads may be locked at smaller sizes (e.g., solo helo pilot, mortar teams)

- New Squad Leaders please ask for help from squad members if you don't know what to do rather than being silent.

Vehicle Rules

- Vehicles requiring a crewman kit for the gunner role must be operated by 2 players. The vehicle can't leave main for any reason without at least 2 crewman inside.

- Do not take vehicles from other Squads if you did not receive permission to take said vehicle from the Squad which was using it (unless they're far away/abandoned it/have no use for it anymore), if found doing so you may be removed from the server. -

Abandoning a vehicle out in the middle of nowhere may find you being removed from the server, please always park/abandon vehicles near friendly FOBs.

- You may be a one-man locked squad only if you're using a logistic truck / helicopter / BDRM / MRAP, and are using said asset to help the team.

Vehicle Claiming

- Vehicle assets are reserved based on squad name and in squad creation order. Use vehicle specific names like T72 rather than Armor or MBT. Specificity concerning asset variation is important, although may not always guarantee a claim.

As an example, if a layer has multiple variants of one asset, two T72s and a T72B: (1) The first three squads created that are named T72 receive the claim on each vehicle,

(2) If one squad specifically wants the T72B then they should name themselves T72B,

(3) However, if there are already three squads named “T72”, a fourth created "T72B" squad is invalid regardless of asset variation specificity, as the intent of the prior three created squads is clear.

Defensive Emplacements

- The creation of large scale defensive emplacements (also known as "Superfobs") may be prohibited if it is determined by an admin that the emplacement violates any rule herein, including wasting team assets (for example, over-utilization of contruction tickets so as to waste team resources) and/or exploiting game mechanics (building more assets than usually permitted, etc.).

- Superfobs can impact server performance and, as such, negatively impact player experience. Superfobs that are found to be detrimental to server stability are not permitted.

Main Camping

- No camping and/or mining enemy main base within 300m (1 square) on small maps and 900m (3 squares) on large maps; No mining main routes of main bases or firing into or towards a main base. Admins have descretion to enforce variations on this rule depending on the map and flag placement. Simply put, if there isn't an active flag nearby to fight over and you're near or approaching the enemy main, you're probably main camping.

Warning/Kicks for any of the following:

- Bad Language

- Griefing

- Spamming

- Abusive or offensive names or squad names

- Team Killing

- Not joining a squad

- Not following admin orders

- Retaliation against team memebers

- All player names must include alphanumeric characters. Players that join with names that do not include alphanumeric characters will be removed from the server and advised to fix their name.

Bans will be given for the following:

- Intentional Teamkilling

- Racism

- Hacking

- Ignoring admin warnings

- Using [BaD] tags if you are not a part of Broken As Designed

Ban Appeals

- Ban Appeals can be sent at www.BrokenDiscord.com Once joined navigate to the Help-Desk to create a ban appeal ticket.


-Using !Admin (message) will send a message to all online admins as well as offline.

Community Ban List.

- Any player that reaches 9 Points on the Community Ban List may be prohibited from playing on BaD servers.

- A player with less than 9 points on the Community Ban List may also be prohibited from playing on BaD servers based upon the stated reason of past ban(s) (e.g., racism, abelism, toxicity, etc.).


Players / BaD members that fault on payment, delete subscription, or modifiy subscription to avoid payment will be banned on ALL BaD servers for Payment evasion for 30 days, as well as risk not being able to use the BaD Patreon whitelist system in the future.

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