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Banner.BBanner.B Member Posts: 6 Civilian

5TH Marine Raider Battalion (5th MRB)


 The 5th Raiders are looking for dedicated members to grow our brotherhood!

***__Who We Are__***

We are a group composed of members with two purposes. To play squad with the best cohesive unit on the battlefield and bring the most immersive experience to squad possible. We pride ourselves on our resilience in battle as well as our ability to take control of chaotic situations and come out on top. We also adhere to our disciplines: Immersion and Distinction. We are a force in the field with years of experience in turning the tides of battles. Here you will build lasting friendships with a variety of members from across the US and abroad.

***__Why Join 5th Raiders__***

Our main Area of Operation is in *Squad*. Whether you are new player entering the realm of Squad and/or Milsim, or the veteran with thousands of hours you are all welcome. 5MRB puts the focus on Infantry combat and cohesion, with a challenge path to making it on the team. We have dozens of seasoned instructors who are willing to help out, and a Sponsor assigned to you to answer questions and help integrate you into the unit. We offer informal courses on Room-clearing, Using various sights and ammunition, and flying the various Heli’s of Squad. If your sick of the random blueberries and shenanigans, do you crave structure and team-work, then 5MRB is the place for you!


18 years or older

Fluent English

Available during NA East times

Willing to be a team player

Join Today

**Have Questions?** 

Feel Free to contact any of the recruiting staff by their Discord IDs:





**No questions? Then we’ll see you on the battlefield!


  • Banner.BBanner.B Member Posts: 6 Civilian

    Since I have a new account again I can’t post our discord link because this account is new. Reach out to me on discord and I can send an invite to our unit. We have a total of 257 members in our discord server. We are an elite unit! If you have any questions feel free to reach out

  • Banner.BBanner.B Member Posts: 6 Civilian

    My discord is bad_goose#3013

  • Zealot NyxZealot Nyx Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Tried to message you all on discord but couldn’t due to privacy restrictions.

  • Banner.BBanner.B Member Posts: 6 Civilian

    My apologies sir I got that taken care of, currently waiting for the time limit constraints for me to post the link

  • Bones1997Bones1997 Member Posts: 1 Civilian
    I added you on discord. Trying to join the unit. Active-Duty Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps. Just looking for people who communicate and work together. 
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