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Squad's absurd bullet drop

A4_KermanA4_Kerman Member Posts: 1 Civilian

So, I have a suggestion regarding the current bullet drop. There is already a post on reddit showing how ridiculous the bullet drop is but I can't post the link. If you fire a pistol up to 100m it feels like a nerf gun.

One of the concerns is that a realistic trajectory would make sniping annoying and unbalanced. Even though I don't agree with this statement there is a change that would balance the real ballistics out: WIND!

To begin with they could add a simple fixed and one directional wind for the entire map ( Wich should be a realistic wind as well, not a hurricane to create the same problem but with horizontal deflection). With this addition and maybe some very small inaccuracy (based on real data for each gun in MOA) long range engagements would still be challenging and sniper rifles could still maintain an advantage as higher calibers could be modeled with less wind deflection making them easier to use at longer ranges.

Personally, this exaggerated drop is my main annoiance with the game. And again, I'm proposing a simplified wind model just to balance the game and not a fully accurate simulation with heavy cpu requirements.



  • LonedLoned Member Posts: 46 ★★

    Squad has 2x real life gravity. It works exactly like Battlefield. The purpose is actually to limit the engagement range so there’ no boring long range firefight.

    most rocket and equipment has 1x regular gravity though

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to add wind. it’s just too much to be accounted for. Maybe squad can change the gravity for guns to 1.5

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