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BM-21 grad

SloanSloan Member Posts: 63 ★★

I like to see new kinds of vehicles being added, but the specs listed just seem ...odd.

The mortars reach out to around 50% of their IRL range - acceptable for gameplay reasons while still being a decent representation of the weapon system. The grad, though, would reach only around 3% of it's IRL range. That's a hell of a drop, and coupled with the minimum range of 900m it just starts to look silly.

I'm hoping that this is a placeholder for something more ambitious - for the addition of similar weapons systems for other factions (AS90? M109? PLZ-05?), and for maps measuring hundreds of square kilometers of usable terrain where everyone should - not 'can' - be in some kind of armoured vehicle.

I'm hoping the plan is to replace Talil with something covering 1000 square kilometers and featuring entire tank companies backed up by artillery, with deployable FARPs and tactical ballistic missiles as a CO asset. At that point the grad starts to fit in as a plausible weapon system.

I'm hoping to see something like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_73_Easting

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