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Looking for clan/unit

AngronAngron Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Looking for a semi-serious clan/unit.



-Experience in Arma, Squad, HLL

-5+ Years (IRL) 11B

No, I'm not doing your basic training. Been there done that IRL, and don't feel like listening to some 16 year old teach me facing movements in a video game.


  • TAW - VenidisTAW - Venidis Member Posts: 14 Civilian

    Hi @Angron

    I'm part of a community called TAW, we are a diverse community with over 850 members worldwide including current and former servicemen & women. We have weekly games where roughly 30 of us get together and play Squad (Saturday @ 19:00 UK time & Tuesday 18:30). Our focus is on accountability, teamwork and communication. We treat all players with respect and we expect members to uphold the same standards.

    Our members range from experienced players to people that have never played before, we have a lot of good people that can help you learn how to play and are always willing to share their knowledge.

    We play a wide variety of games including Hell Let Loose & Arma 3 also, I can send you details on when we play those games if you are interested.

    As part of our onboarding process, we have a short 15 minute "bootcamp" where we run through details about our community, how we work etc. but no tedious basic training :)

    If you would like anymore information please reach out to me or you can find information on our main website (TAW.net) If you are interested and would like to apply to join, you can do so via a quick form (hit Register on TAW.net and under game select Squad)! 🙂

  • JCDocJCDoc Member Posts: 3 Civilian
    Help me build a milsim unit in Squad. I was in the Finnish Defence Forces. Join me! Add my steam 120206846.

     I want to form a skilled milsim unit that uses military combat procedure. 
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