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Vehicle suggestions for less repetitiveness of soviet made armored vehicles

Skiffi636Skiffi636 Member Posts: 2 Civilian

We all know and love the soviet made tanks currently in the game such as the t-72 and t-62, but what if we would add more of them? such as the T-64 variants, T-90 variants or T-80 variants. This diversity in tanks could prove a lot more fun for the fellow tank crews of squad, and make it a bit more in line with being a realistic force on force game. I know I might be asking for a lot right now, but I am going to leave this message for the people who dream of the same squad as I do. Anyways I'm drifting a little of course, below you will see what I would personally place inside of squad factions to make the factions feel like they're not all the same.

Militiants: T-64A/BV, T-72B (either later Kontakt-5 ERA or the earlier Kontakt-1 ERA variant)

Russians: T-80BVM/U, T-90A/M

Insurgents: T-55, T-72A, T-62

MEA: T-90A, T-80B, T-72AV

This would sure as hell spice up the tank on tank combat and not go along the lines of "oh im fighting the insurgents as MEA, and they have a **** t-62 and wait.. i have the exact same tank as them? well onto the next game, wait, im fighting the militiants with the EXACT same tank as the insurgents, and MEA??" and intead have it be "oh im fighting the insurgents and they have a T-72A, but im in a T-90A and i have the frontal hull protection that they dont have since the T-72A is an early model and has a thinner front plate" or "im fighting the militiants in their T-72B, but im on the russian side and i have the T-80BVM and I have superior optics, mobility, protection and firepower which means I can win them in an even fight"

little things like that instead of making it EXTREMELY obvious that the militiants, insurgents and MEA have a inferior tank to conventional factions, like you have to know that the T-72A is a worse tank than the T-90 because of the protection difference and the fact that the T-72A does not fire 3BM60.

About the T-64BV, in my opinion it seems to be a lot more common in militiant type forces, and would fit ALOT more within the militiant forces than the copy and paste T-62.

And in the case of the MEA faction receiving T-90A tanks, is because that tank has seen action in middle eastern countries such as Syria and such.

There is a Syrian upgrade of a T-72AV tank which is known as "TURMS-T" which means the tank has a different FCS and different optics, the commander has his own panoramic sight which rotates 360° and has a very high zoom level, and if paired against an insurgent T-72A the T-72AV TURMS-T is a very close matchup but the T-72AV comes out on top in some cases due to the better optics for a clear sight picture for the gunner, and the commander being able to spot the enemy from further ranges

The T-80BVM/U are in my opinion, my favourite tank of the soviet origin, because they have superior mobility, being one of the fastest tanks ever made, and having the best reverse speed of the T series tanks that being 11 km/h, nothing to boast about but still better than the painfully slow 4 km/h of the T-72 transmission. Having the better mobility would put them up to the top with the western counterparts and be a little better, Also a pet peeve that i have when driving the T-72B3 in-game is that the driver seat consist of only one viewport and makes it impossible to look to the left and right of the tank.

That sums up my suggestion message, and i hope this gains some traction and changes are atleast thought about, anyways goodbye <3

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