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everyone please urge server-admins to run as least possible russian faction map-layers as possible

Dani3lDani3l Member Posts: 92 ★★
edited February 22 in Feedback & Suggestions

Due to the current real-world situation of the aggression still not having changed much, trying to play a serious match as a russian faction soldier becomes more and more tiring (likely for more and more players). OWI has very clearly stated their stance on the situation, that they are in support of Ukraine (who solely defends itself). Please please urge admins to run as least russian faction layers as possible, so we don't have to constantly be reminded of the real situation while playing Squad (Militia, Insurgents and MEC are great alternatives who share lots of the same game-objects!!! And China as a great RedFor faction too, even some BluFor factions bring quite a lot of gameplay-fun to play against each other). Many many players play Squad especially to not having to think about things like that out-of-this-world situation... Thanks.



  • NagibatorNagibator Member Posts: 15

    You can contact the administrators of the server on which you often play and ask them about it

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 528 ★★
    edited March 3

    They should remove russia faction until it's made balanced.

    China is also weak(seeing a pattern here), MEA with more vehicles might be the only one that's playable. (but we all know OWI loves to put a bunch of T-62 up against Leotard2)

  • Dani3lDani3l Member Posts: 92 ★★

    "until it's made balanced"? Are you saying all Russian faction map layers (those vs BluFor factions) are unbalanced? 😳

  • mindshakermindshaker Member Posts: 3 Civilian

    play on servers with map-vote system, or just dont play russian rounds, if you have a problem with that.

    i dislike the actual situation, but it makes no difference playing a game. thats just pixels, thats not reallife.

    would the reallife situation change if we play less russian-maps?

  • Dani3lDani3l Member Posts: 92 ★★

    Well at least we're super unlikely having to think of the reallife situation when playing a layer without russian faction. And videogames are useful to temporarily not be constantly reminded about the real situation.

  • PharanaitonPharanaiton Member Posts: 18 ★★

    Do you have blue hair by any chance?

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 528 ★★

    new militia is basically stronger russia.

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