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Helicopters in desperate need of overhaul

apple senpieapple senpie Member Posts: 5 Civilian
edited February 18 in Feedback & Suggestions

Helicopters have been a key element to squad since they were introduced, and their evolution has come with many growing pains. As a veteran Squad pilot, I'd like to highlight some of the broader issues/suggestions that may have fallen under the radar.

  1. There is no requirement for pilots to have completed the training course before claiming a helicopter in a live match. There are many squads that rightly refuse to ride in an unproven pilot's Heli. More disastrously, many squads that will ride in an unproven pilot's Heli. This would provide at least some form of certification that the pilot has flown before.
  2. The helicopter pilot can still see player structures and vehicles outside of the object render distance. This promotes abuse of the render distance for experienced pilots to easily discover hidden spawns or vehicles with no counter.
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