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Rework Scoreboard

Walker2zeroWalker2zero Member Posts: 2 Civilian

I would like to see an amendment to how the scoreboard works in the future to better understand how well a player performs per game.

Currently it shows K/D and Teamscore and the teamscore is only seen without showing any real significant details as to how and what that player has achieved.

Proposal: I would like to see Teamscore removed and instead show a ticket gained and loss per player. If you have a IFV / APC or MBT squad for example, for every kill the gunner gets that would amount to an average of 2/3 kills. However that could have a 22 ticket impact to the opposing force. If say the vehicle squad was to get 3/4 kills that could amount to 50+ tickets (including the destroyed vehicles) which can make a huge difference towards the outcome.

Players who find radios/destroy HABS numourous times again has a huge impact on the game.

I think a ticket loss and gain system on the scoreboard is a better reflection of what a player has achieved and is a sensible and more relevant approach than what is currently shown post match.

[EXD] Walker2zero


  • Kim--Kim-- Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    It's been said time and time again, but this would truly make the scoreboard give useful insights on performance.

    The current "Team score" only indicates that you did something, with no indication as of what. If it feels too insightful or personal to implement a ticket loss/gain counter on an individual player basis, it would work just as well applied to the squad in it's entirety. If you fear that people would be sent to the gavels for loosing too many tickets at the end of the round, which understandably some people would jump on in the heat of the moment, implement it as a tickets gained and tickets drained from the enemy team, effectively hiding an individuals losses.

    A counter against it would be that it's often not just a single player dealing damage to either a FOB or vehicle, but if that's the case either give the ticket gain to the player/squad who dealt the majority of the damage, or just go for who dealt the last hit that lead to the kill, either way would be miles better than the current system.

    OWI, pls fix <3

  • EXD MonkyEXD Monky Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Im in agreement with both of these posts.

    As a amour player sometimes i just cant count how many vics/inf or ticket damage i have done and would be good to know how much of a effect I/we as a squad have had on the game ticket wise.

    But certainly agree with both walker and Kim's posts above.

    [EXD} Monkyofwar

  • Dani3lDani3l Member Posts: 92 ★★

    Also there's some massive bug currently where several squadmembers can get negative (minus) teamwork score or so although they didn't do anything wrong (afaik). Any theories? Maybe seriously is somekind of Integer overflow?

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