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Dedicated server starting issue

sava91sava91 Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Evening! Recently I'd decided to create my own server to play with my friends, so I found guide for creating it. However, following the instruction I faced few problems in cmd after launching start.bat file. I'll attach some pics so you will understand situation better.

I made this server using steamcmd

I used these commands to create server:

  1. login anonymous
  2. app_update 403240 validate

In created directory I made new start.bat file

Here are my config for the server:

After launching start.bat shows up those errors(attached in beginning(cmd)) , cmd continue working without crashes and server isn't in the list of custom browser.

All of my ports are open

I have a assumption that it can be connected with recently came out big update 4.2, but there is a new question comes out, how other servers work?

ps: version of my game is

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