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Commander TOOLS

taran-1taran-1 Member Posts: 2 Civilian

Please, give to Commander tools to be commander is Squad-game style. Now commander is sth additional, not implemented in Squad game doctrine.

Suggestion to give commander tools:

  1. Accept or decline access to tanks and ifvs. If commander decline 4 requests from different squads and persons, this feature switches off for 5 minutes, when everybody can take it without permission.
  2. Accept or decline sniper and hat kits for squads. Some anti-abuse tool included (look #1)
  3. Form "area of operation", when commanter place circle on the map for each squad individually. There are 2 types of areas - defend and attack. "Defend area": After placement squad have to be in this area in 10 minutes. If SL or more then half or squad not in the area and this time, then autolimitation for all special kits for 60 mins applied to whole squad and sl personally even if he changes squad. After coming to the area, SL and most part have to be in circle during some time. (like 10 mins or add some feature to commander to choose - 5-20 mins). Squad have right to violate this conditions only 30 seconds ever 2 minutes. "Attack area" - same like defend but without obligation to save this position after SL and most of squad entered the circle area.
  4. Add special high-cost little commander vehicles to use UAV and CAS without HAB.
  5. Force commander to have infantry squad leader kit or add commander kit without ability to use heavy vehicles.


  • Shaffer_29th_IDShaffer_29th_ID Member Posts: 48 ★★

    I would like to see command vehicles so the commander doesn't have to be in or near a HAB for call in support.

  • apple senpieapple senpie Member Posts: 5 Civilian

    I have always considered the 'commander' in squad to just be a squad leader with a fancy hat. To incorporate actual command leadership abilities to the commander role would be problematic to the independence of the squad leader. Why should he have to listen to someone?

    For real though, there are some great points here. I think there is a serious lack of leadership ability in Squad at the platoon level and it's baked into the system mechanically. When I am commanding, I find I have a serious lack of capability in administering my team. If a key vehicle or kit is being retained by an insubordinate squad, there are many occasions where there is no recourse. It's only a game and the admin is not going to punish someone for 'a few minutes afk as HAT' or 'a poor choice of tank location'. There is no means to give a direct order or correct an insubordinate NCO. There are many better ways to allow for this coordination to include the suggestions by Taran.

    • 1. Allow commanders the ability to enable/disable FOB's to specific squads (at least for certain periods of time). This would be beneficial in controlling troop movement. It would also improve gameplay for newer/intermediate players that may spawn on inappropriate HAB's or use supplies inappropriately.
    • 2. Allow the combat engineer to deploy assets as a combat controller if there is no commander nominated on a team or with the commander's approval if one is nominated. The fact that the commander is a single point of failure for all assets and the timer is directly tied to a single person's game connection is unfair to the rest of the team.
    • 3. Preference the commander for vehicle claims in all scenarios. If the commander goes out of his way to remove a squad's claim to a vehicle regardless of the circumstances, I would appreciate their ability to intervene as a "battlefield commander". I imagine this as an extension of the claim system to include text box with confirmation 'page up' to prevent accidental claims.
    • Possible 4. Allow commander to demote existing Squad leaders. This is more niche since reasons to spot demote someone would normally constitute kicking or banning from a server, but I can think of a few. If a squad leader is afk or unresponsive, another member of his squad may be able to step up without involving staff. If a squad leader is accidently promoted and is unfamiliar with the menu, commander could assist.
  • 3S_Moe3S_Moe Member Posts: 135 ★★

    #1 change request for Commander - make it a dedicated role that doesn't require you to be a SL and manage your guys while ALSO being commander.

    Good Commanders are often times just hunkered down in some super safe location on the map and doing "Commander" stuff, and they are still being distracted with SL duties. They would be so much better without the SL duties and without even being on the map at all.

    I know others will disagree, and that's fine, but I think it would work better as a dedicated role by itself.

  • Don KadartDon Kadart Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    Agree 110%. I even tried to create a topic on this problem, about how Squad actually creates an ill temptation for Commanders to distract for some boot-on-the-ground type of activities instead of doing management of the battlefield. Game shall allow to run for the Commander role without your own squad.

    These days, when I play Commander, I have to take 1 person max into my squad and immediately lock it. Then I tell the guy "Uh, I am going to play Commander role... So prepare for some chores like driving logi and using mortars and fighting boredom for 15 minutes while I am doing my radio and UAV stuff. I'll be totally OK if you quit". And each time someone stays with me, it warms my heart (aww).

    When I take in more squadmates, it ruins their experience (and mine as well). I just don't have time to responsibly lead them and create a pleasant gameplay while chit-chattering in the comm radio and trying to clear the mess painted on the game map by squadleads.

  • SloanSloan Member Posts: 63 ★★

    Accept or decline access to tanks and ifvs

    I'd prefer to see that distributed to players, maybe by letting SLs claim from a limited number of armour squads in order to get access to those vehicles. Giving the CO so much personal power seems too open to abuse.

    Accept or decline sniper and hat kits for squads

    That's less of an issue for abuse, but I'd like to see those available only at an intermediate platoon level or the CO level, to make them a more strategic asset. At that point a platoon leader or a CO has comms to high-impact people but doesn't have the ability to troll so much.

    Form "area of operation", when commanter place circle on the map for each squad individually

    Tools to draw AOs would be helpful but definitely nothing to the extent that you suggest here. People are there to play the game themselves, not to be ants for you to micromanage. Your team only controls half of the situation - the enemy also has a say, so punishing a squad because the enemy prevented them from advancing is batshit insane.

    I've seen plenty of incompetent COs. A useless CO should never be able to prevent a competent SL from fighting.

    Add special high-cost little commander vehicles to use UAV and CAS without HAB

    +1, for larger maps this would really help. For smaller maps I'd like to see the radio being a thing you need to interact with from time to time, to stop people blocking off access to it.

    Force commander to have infantry squad leader kit or add commander kit without ability to use heavy vehicles

    I actually don't think the CO should be on the map at all, it just gets in the way IMO.

    Not from OP, but worth responding to:

    Allow commanders the ability to enable/disable FOB's to specific squads

    Preference the commander for vehicle claims in all scenarios

    Allow commander to demote existing Squad leaders

    All those seem very open to trolling.

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