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Self Sufficient Blueberries 『SSB』

GraigGraig Member Posts: 5 Civilian

--General Rules:

>Discrimination prejudice is not tolerated in any form and may result in a ban without warning.

>Don't be disrespectful or disruptive to the experience of those around you.

>Be a team player and work with your Squad.

>Racism and verbal abuse will result in an instant ban.

>Griefing, trolling or team sabotage will be banned.

>Abusing or wasting an Admin's time will result in a Ban.

--No impersonating admins or OWI staff

>No unapproved advertisement, recruiting or promotion.

--Gameplay Rules:

>Main Camping is not allowed! Do not engage an enemy out of main en route to battle

--Place a HAB marker down on top of the enemy/friendly main anything within that zone can not be engaged (unless it is contesting a active objective), once out of the zone you can engage.

>No cheating

>Apologize for teamkills in ALL CHAT. TKs can result in a ban.

>No asset wasting

>No use of glitches / exploits.

>No ghosting, stream sniping, and/or intentionally leaking information.

>Player names must contain at least 2 English characters.

--Squad Leading Rules:

>Squad Leaders MUST have and use mic/Squad Lead kit and be able to communicate in English.

>Squad Baiting (creating a squad without the intention of leading it) is prohibited

>Promote the learning/growth of new players who want to learn.

>Squad Leaders can kick for any reason. No retaliation is acceptable

--Vehicle Rules:

>Mech-Inf is allowed

--Heli-Inf is allowed

>Squads with names pertaining to specific assets have priority over that asset

--For instance a squad named T-72 would get first dibs on one of the team's T-72s. "Tank" or "T-72" are synonymous

>Vehicles that require a crewman kit must have at least 2 player with crewman roles

>Crew'd vehicles can't leave main for any reason without 2 crewman.

>Heli Pilots must be SL and have Heli Pilot kit

--Heli pilots must have experience flying before playing on a live server


--Seeding Rules:

>Fight over the middle objective only. If you control the objective DO NOT push past it.

>FOB/HAB must be placed on the objective right before the middle objective.

>DO NOT place or use any emplacements until LIVE.

>Logistics trucks are the ONLY vehicle permitted for use. >Anything goes after 25v25 when "LIVE" is announced by admins


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