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Ideas for Monetization. How can Squad implement monetization in line with the milsim experience?

wombatsupremewombatsupreme Member Posts: 1 Civilian

I wanted to add my opinion for discussion on how OWI can add monetization in a good way by incorporating community discussion on ideas for monetization practices that will fit the Military Sim experience. I wanted to share my own ideas and hopefully OWI and the community can agree on good ways to help monetize Squad for future updates.

If you have any ideas or think an idea is great, please share so we can help OWI hear what the community is interested in!

  1. Official Clans - Patches and Prefixes The playerbase of a milsim is very dedicated to group and clan experience. Create a way to monetize this by offering clan features in game. Charge a monthly fee to create your own clan in game (price based on player size, extras, etc?), which has it's own screen, clan rank, member list and other features unlocked for clan members. Clans get their own custom patch, simple non obtrusive colored in game prefix to denote a clan member. Other ideas below can be integrated into this.
  2. Milsim Rank aka "Battle Pass" I am adding this because monthly revenue is important to monetization and they are for sure looking into this as an opportunity, so I want to outline a good way to do a battle pass and not a bad way. Create a tiered system with different ranks, i.e. at level 10, you are a Private (with its own logo), at level 20 you are a Private First Class, and so on and so forth. You earn XP by team points or by playtime. Small amount of unlocks (including ideas below) and your game rank is shown when playing via a patch or small nametag addition. DOES NOT affect gameplay besides rank based cosmetics and patches. The other ideas can also be integrated into this.
  3. Uniform Patches Small arm patches for a uniform or arm band with logo. Can be clan patch, rank patch, or other PREFABED design (constrained custom design, similar to a logo builder) with small text. Restricted colors to align with team.
  4. Dogtags Dogtags for the character, select custom design and catchphrase. Shows name, selected logo, and kills/custom phrase. Can see when looking at a dead or incapacitated player on either team. Looks realistic, lets people express themselves in a unique way and is not obtrusive to the experience.
  5. Custom Vehicle name, patch? or license plate. On vehicle claim. Think "Z" logo (bad example, but relevant). Clan logo patch, prefix, or custom vehicle names. Non obtrusive area on the vehicle, small form factor, blended with vehicle skin.
  6. Watch with stats or character details. A watch or other accessory not obtrusive on the character that you can inspect to display game stats (step counter baby!) or lifetime stats would be a fun way to show other players your stats. You could inspect yourself or show outwards. The skin or look of these watches would be constrained to the team uniform so immersion will be maintained.
  7. Weapon details - Engraving, Scratches, Kill tracker There is a way to do a realistic weapon name, kill tracker via scratches, or other engravings that maintain a realistic look. Would be interesting in game.

And finally, what I think should ABSOLUTELY UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES be implemented, or I will be changing games.

  1. MULTICOLORED OR NON REALISTIC GUN SKINS Self explanatory. Breaks Milsim experience. As soon as I see anime skins I am out.
  2. ANY LARGE CHANGE TO TEAM UNIFORM STYLES OR CUSTOM OUTFITS Hard enough telling what team is who what without guys in skintight gold and black tracksuits running around.
  3. ANY VEHICLE COLOR OR CAMO SKIN CHANGES Same as above. Vehicles need to be representative of a team i.e. US, RUS, CANADA, etc.
  4. OBNOXIOUS WEAPON CHANGES OR LOGOS Any feature that can enable the player to be obnoxious with decals or custom logos is a non starter.

If you have any other things that you think would be a fair way to monetize or things that SHOULD NOT be implemented, please start a discussion so we can show OWI how a good middle ground of monetization can be reached.


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