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OWI, please release a statement on the drastic reduction of TOW-MRAPs on so many layers



  • Dani3lDani3l Germany/NetherlandsMember Posts: 37

    (aside from being unrealistic as hell)

    Posts above proved that a TOW MRAP was at least a prototype, and may have already (secretly) been in serial-production. But yeah, TOW-Stryker would be cooler.

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 90 ★★
    edited May 22

    Yes. It literally doesn't take damage from any rifles even if you have a billion penetration; you can only hurt the tires or maybe engine(if rifle shots penetrate). Try this in game with 7mm penetration guns against 5mm parts of BRDM-2/Spandrel at flat angle. It will show bullet holes but it won't do any damage. Same reason why canadian sniper rifle can damage BTR engine without doing HP damage.

    You never tried to press Q and right click at same time?

    "some of the team" doesn't exist anymore. Not that they would know anything since PR devs aren't really knowledgeable about such matters as well. Not without being fed information by military advisors. (which squad evidently doesn't have)

    If Squad is down to adding prototypes that are "totally possibly being produces in secret" then there's plenty of Soviet/Russian prototypes (or actually-produced variants) to add. Like Tigr with 30mm or 8 Kornets.

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 90 ★★
    edited May 22

    Btw you can kill the likes of BRDM and MTLB in PR by shooting it with infantry rifles and even ppsh(takes a lot of bullets, but it can be done).

    That's much more engaging of a gameplay mechanic than shooting two LATs at it.

    They would be much more balanced(BRDM-2, anyway) if rifles(at least 7mm penetration ones like G3) could damage them properly(from the side/rear, where it's 5mm, depending on angle); all OWI needs to do is tick one box.

  • Dani3lDani3l Germany/NetherlandsMember Posts: 37

    Like Tigr with 30mm or 8 Kornets.

    with 8 Kornets, the Tigr "Kornet D" version (, that would be fun! Do you have a link to a 30mm Tigr version?

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 90 ★★
    edited May 23
  • Dani3lDani3l Germany/NetherlandsMember Posts: 37

    Wow, that one looks like an experiment ^^ But an interesting one

  • saint_lumsaint_lum Member Posts: 7 Civilian

    TOW vehicles were notoriously OP in hilly/mountain maps, for instance Mestia. Not a bad thing to reduce them IMO

  • Dani3lDani3l Germany/NetherlandsMember Posts: 37

    well for Mestia I could agree, due to the basically instant LOS to half of the entire map when leaving the main-bases (that was the EXACT reason why I stopped playing Mestia quite some years ago btw...).

    But for other maps, no reason to reduce them imo.

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