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Asymmetrical balance > Copy-paste weapon stats

LonedLoned Member Posts: 42 ★★

Currently, some Chinese PLA weapons have copy-paste stats:

QBU88 - copy-paste SVD

QJY88 - copy-paste FN MAG

QSZ92 - copy-paste M17 / M9

These stats is 1. unrealistic; 2. reduce the asymmetrical  dynamics between factions; 3. lack of unique flavor.


This is a bullpup DMR with a very long barrel and 5.8x42mm ammo. The ammo is the heavier version of the regular 5.8mm, but it still doesn't make sense it has the same damage and ballistics as SVD.

My suggestions: Reduce damage to the 80-90 range instead of 94. Increase muzzle velocity (Use 5.56/5.45/5.8mm model) to 970m/s. Also, increase velocity loss level to 5.56/5.45/5.8mm level. Reduce recoil, making it similar to M38 DMR.

Note: making the QBU88 similar to M38 DMR, but with higher damage/lower recoil to compensate for a 10-round magazine.


This is a 5.8mm GPMG. a very unique small caliber for a medium machine gun. It doesn't make sense it shares the same damage model as M240/Mag58 etc.

My suggestions: Reduce damage to 70-80 range; Increase muzzle velocity (Use 5.56/5.45/5.8mm model) to 970m/s. Also, increase velocity loss level to 5.56/5.45/5.8mm level. Reduce recoil. Increase ammo box capacity to 200.

Note: This new damage model is very similar to Militia Minimi. But Militia Minimi has very bad accuracy, and this new QJY88 is an improvement over it. Given it's a rare machine gunner kit, it makes sense for balance as well.


This is a 5.8x21mm military pistol with high-velocity ammo. However, in-game, it uses police version 9mm ammo.

My suggestions: Reduce damage by 1 or 2, so it has lower damage than other pistols. Increase muzzle velocity to 480m/s. Increase ammo capacity to 20.

Note: it made no sense for QSZ92 to be a copy-paste for M9/M17 pistol.

There are another bug related to the new faction HMG:


Reload animation missing. Gunner never pulls the charging handles.

In real life. Pulling the charging handle will also cause the belt to push open the dust cover, see video below.

The 360-degree tripod for QJZ89 is interesting, but without the scope, it rarely make any sense to build it, and I have never seen anyone building it on the FOB since 4.0

My suggestions: Reduce ammo count to 75. Reduce rate of fire to 600. Add the optical scope from Bunker variant.


  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 506 ★★
    edited January 21

    The irony is that there is no balance. (there would have been some semblance of balance had they actually copypasted l85/m240 stats)

    The stats were copypasted then another layer of garbage stats were added on top of PLA weapons to make them worse.

    For example none of these scoped variants(besides dmr) reduces recoil, so they effectively have much higher recoil than their "original" counterpart. QJY88 also got PKP's rate of fire which is lower than that of m240's, so it effectively has pkp rate of fire + m240 damage profile, but MUCH higher recoil.

    Here is 3x30 recoil pattern(ignore horizontal spread; it's random) of QBZ/L85/AK74:

    So the basic rifle has the 2nd highest common scoped rifle recoil in game right after G3. (going by recoil alone it should have AKM's damage, and probably far better damage falloff; but it only has m4 damage)

    The only gun that isn't objectively worse than its counterpart is the DMR, but it's a 10 round dmr so it already sucks; and maybe the LMG(has much lower recoil than normal rifle), but that's still hard limited by rate of fire(other side typically have m249 with its above-reallife rate of fire).

    all 5.8 weapons should have 7.62x39 damage(plus ak74 damage falloff at least) if they are to keep current recoil. Ranging from AMD65's to RPK's depending on barrel length.

    7.62x39 damage with better damage falloff would actually be interesting as there is currently nothing in that class for DMR/LMG/MMG with scope. Nothing wrong with a low recoil 10 round mag akm damage + 556falloff dmr.

    Or l85 damage if their recoil is to be fixed.

    But I suspect v4.2 will just make it worse.

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