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BatSithCrazy.BatSithCrazy. Member Posts: 4 Civilian
edited January 4 in Feedback & Suggestions


Dear devs. Please add a filter option for the different regions of the world, to the server menu. I’m sick, and tired of needing to manually scroll thru the hordes of Chinese servers every time I hit the refresh button.

You want to have a GREAT WALL OF SERVERS coming out of China on full display. Great have it. Stop forcing others to suffer the “Winnie the phoo” syndrome with you, just don’t involve Americans, Europeans and the reast of the world that are not interested in having to deal with it.

Now, I’m sure you gone listen and take action, like a responsible developer would do. But hey, its here for everyone to see and read.

At least we got that!



  • BatSithCrazy.BatSithCrazy. Member Posts: 4 Civilian

    ...Like WTF! 😂

  • TUROCKTUROCK Member Posts: 10 Civilian


    I am French , and therefore I filter the servers by ping in ascending order to have access to nearby servers, relating to my region.

    Also we can add servers to favorites .

    No doubt you know that, but i h have to answer that. Your thread looks an over-reaction, disproportionnal from my point of view.

    PS : maybe for american players this way is not a solution. the chinese servers are not visible because the ping is too hight; i have to scroll a "lot". So for me its make sens. Res In Peace.

    Cheers 🍞

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