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100vs100 Players

Einarius7Einarius7 Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Squad has very big maps, and it feels empty with 50vs50 right now. by increasing the numbers to a 100vs100 would make the game more fun, on the other side it would make command structure more chaotic.

To be honest i do think most play Squad for the realism, and if we increased the numbers to a 100vs100 or more, would make it more accurate to war inn general, being chaotic, stressful, but also fun since we are behind a computer screen and not having to worry about morally wrong things, because it isn't real.

I have heard a lot of people saying the game wouldn't be able to handle 100vs100 servers, but we already have some games that do. Battlefield 2042 already has a 128vs128 servers, and Battlefield inn general has had 64vs64 since day 1. i see no reason why Squad couldn't.

This is just a suggestion that i have heard others talk about as well, and i want to hear your thoughts.

your friend Einar.



  • TUROCKTUROCK Member Posts: 20 Civilian

    Hello Einar,

    You are making the comparaison between a AAA Game industry and a indie Game. your suggestion is a "non sens". I think many people doesn't understand how a game is developped ^^. It's about naivety and ignorance. We can't blame that.

    Battlefield 2042 : dev by DICE : 742 employees

    published by : electronic arts = Number of employees : 12 900

    Net income : US$789 million (2022)

    I don't think offworld industry limit the slot for less realism...

    Also, we have many issue with 50 vs 50. Client-sided Hit-detection is bad. if you add more player it will be a disaster !

    Anyway you have one of the reason, "why we don't have 100 vs 100.😁


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