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Campaign mode

queebloqueeblo Member Posts: 4 Civilian

I love squad, but I find the lack of cohesive follow on between maps jarring. Perhaps it might be possible to implement some sort of campaign mode?

I appreciate this might cross into politics, which is fair, but it would be nice to see a win or loss have an impact on a wider campaign. Switching from say rus vs usmc to rus vs Britain or us vs irregular militia would keep a more thematic line through multiple games. You might even be able to implement a map vote akin to rising storm 2 where players pick a location to attack and then vote for (appropriate) factions.

I personally don't need a political driver to this, or even a true end to a campaign, but tieing or at least attempting to tie rounds together thematically would make the experience of playing far far more fun from my point of view.


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