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Squad Europe looking for new Partners/Player Groups

RidocRidoc CyprusMember Posts: 8 ★★
edited December 2022 in Recruitment

Hello Squad'ies,

one of the oldes european server communities is looking for 'fresh blood' to strenghten our ranks. As every project is only as good as the shoulders it's leaning on!

We have been featured on the very first Spotlight: https://joinsquad.com/2020/10/22/server-spotlight-issue-001/

Our mission is to provide the BEST GAMING EXPERIENCE for all players, this means administration on server and discord and a constant effort. The reqards are great fights every evening!

Every Partner clan enjoys a full whitelist amongst other priviliges.

We need from you a few Admins willing to help and to be ion the EU timezone.

If you are interested to join, ping me on our discord https://discord.com/invite/j7Bfgxsf?utm_source=Discord%20Widget&utm_medium=Connect or send me a PM

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