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truck variants

SloanSloan PRTA LeadMember Posts: 53 ★★
edited December 2022 in Feedback & Suggestions

This has been bothering me for a bit:

We have 2 variants of trucks - troop transport & logistics. We have mechanics for loading/unloading logistics vehicles in the game. Why can we not just load supplies into any truck, or unload logistics at an FO and then fit many more infantry in the vehicle?

I'd prefer to see one kind of truck with several variants:

  • troop transport: 300 ammo is fine, no construction, many infantry (2+ squads). Could be covered with the same one-way material that we have on HABs, to provide operational security and to allow passengers to see something other than just the inside of the truck.
  • mixed (i.e. current logi configuration): 3000 ammo and/or construction, some infantry (~1 squad). Open top, partially free bed, just like the current truck.
  • logistics: 6000 ammo and/or construction, seats only available in the cab. Open top, no free space in the truck bed.

Other options include:

  • maybe a covered variant carries less total supplies/people but hides what you are doing and has a setup cost that matches the capacity deficit to allow for conversion in the field?
  • maybe the covered variant has other benefits for infantry - they can use field dressings, or be automatically healed if there is a medic with them?
  • maybe add pallets as an explicit option, giving direct control over the number of pallets and therefore the mix of supplies/people? This option can be extended to other kinds of vehicles, too.

If a truck carrying 6000 supplies is too much for gameplay reasons (it is quite a lot) then the figure can be scaled down to 200/1500/3000 for the three variants - my point here is that you should be able to choose the balance between people/supplies yourself.

It should be possible to easily convert trucks between the different configurations, to respond to battlefield needs:

  • take a mixed load out to a useful point on the map, drop off one infantry squad and the supplies, do a logi run to get *substantially* more supplies than the initial run that also delivered infantry
  • logistics is active, but an FO is lost - you can convert a truck to a troop transport and take 2 squads out to a new flank, but you don't get to also place a HAB after carrying that many infantry
  • when you see a truck you can guess how much ammo it has - if you see it go into an area then come back out you can guess how much ammo was delivered and therefore if there is likely an active FO in that area
  • when you see an abandoned truck you can easily see if it's still partially loaded - if it is and also has its squad nearby then they have not yet set up any substantial assets
  • if a force the size of 2 squads arrives by truck then you know that they don't also have an active FO until more supplies arrive
  • if carrying lots of infantry with the cover up and you get ambushed, there a greater chance that someone avoids getting hit because there isn't as much visual information for the attacker to use
  • you can try to hide activity from the enemy, or to maximise your payload - it's a tradeoff that people can choose

A similar approach could be used for other vehicles that can carry people and/or supplies in different variants, and for helicopters. In both cases, you need to plan what you intend to transport and can get benefits from planning effectively.

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