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Staff Members for Veteran Community

Rage_YouTubeRage_YouTube United StatesMember Posts: 1 Civilian

Hey y'all, I'm a long time advent member and player of the Squad community with a nonstop dedication to the game. Since 2019, I've always ran Commander and or a leading role in any server that I've been in.

I've recently established a Veteran focused server where members from the Military and long-time players of Squad can gather and focus on having an enjoyable, fun experience based on rules for veteran members. We strive to be an enjoyable, serious, and strategic server.

Since Licensed servers require at minimum, 10 staff members listed, I'm reaching out for 6 more volunteers to join our team and support the server.

If you're interested, consider joining up in our Discord and let one of the Staff members know you wish to volunteer for a Staff position.


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