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Banana Country

JweqiJweqi Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Hey! I am Jweqi with the upcoming server called, Banana Country. I am the owner of the server and I plan to bring a more cool and relaxed experience for all members to play!

First, to clarify a few things. We use discord! discord.gg/RBJB3bYMqt

Second, the rules:

Basic rules such as Spawn killing, mass team killing, and other crazy breakable rules are prohibited.

You are allowed to play as any role you'd like and start squads as long as they're not inappropriately named, a squad that is goofing off and ruining other players experiences, and so on.

Now for the discord rules, This will be posted on the discord as well.

1. Be nice

2. Stay Positive

3. Be Respectul

4. No NSFW or Gore in SFW channels

5. Keep Outside Problems Out

6. No Self Advertising/DM Advertising

7. No Malicious Attacks On Another User

8. No Spamming

9. Don't be annoying to others trying to have a nice time in VC

10. No Offensive Names & Profile Pictures

11. Try to Keep a Good Mic Quality while in Voice Chats

12. No crash videos/GIFs etc.

15. Follow Discord TOS & Community Guidelines Read Discord 's TOS discord.com/terms

Read Discord's Community Guidelines discord.com/guidelines

We follow Discord's Guidelines and TOS with upmost standard, if you're caught breaking the TOS or Guidelines you can be banned and reported,

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