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Suggested Command Structure

HighspeedHighspeed Member Posts: 20 ★★

I would like to pose a couple suggestions; though I don't expect any attention will be paid.

Commanders given SL positions just doesn't make sense to me. I run a milsim group that trains/plays much similar to how the actual military trains/fights. I always find that being the commander in-charge of a squad tends to divide his attention to much, and pull him from the fight, because he's constantly having to watch the map and deploy assets.

My suggestion is to introduce a command team period. Allow for 4 team members only. This would allow for a Platoon Sergeant, a Platoon Leader, a medic, and maybe one other for support, such as an MG, etc.

My second suggestion would be to allow the command team to spawn on any squad's rally that they wish. My reason for this is, because the PL and PSG are supposed to be there to help the SL make decisions, and provide support (their MG/AR) as needed.

I know on the roadmap there's plans for command system revamp, and I'm hoping that these suggestions are taken into account.



  • SloanSloan PRTA Lead Member Posts: 53 ★★

    +1, but I want to see platoon leaders and have just one or two people at the top - like a CO and a 2ic who can also use UAVs.

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