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EAC client issues

queebloqueeblo Member Posts: 4 Civilian
edited December 2022 in Game Support

Hi all,

I've been playing squad since 2015 and although I have experienced the odd EAC disconnect in that time, but 4.0 has absolutely ruined my ability to play. I can't connect to any servers it seems.

In the 4 days or so since it dropped I've managed to connect to 6 servers, not all for much more than an hour. Every other server I try to connect to tells me EAC isn't active. I've tried discarding my cache and reinstalling EAC to no avail. I've validated my steam files, nothing. I'm not gonna do a re-install as I have my doubts as to whether it will resolve anything.

I just want to know if Offworld know about this and if there is a fix inbound? Please, I don't play other games and I just wanna get back into it.



  • queebloqueeblo Member Posts: 4 Civilian

    Bloody hell lads, that was fast. Literally as I posted that last post, a new update was pushed and has resolved this issue it seems. Quick on the draw once again Offworld.

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