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ZTZ-99A Bug and Changes on Reverse Speed

LonedLoned Member Posts: 42 ★★

Currently, ZTZ-99A is a copy-paste T72B3 with a broken armor model. Please consider fixing and changing it for better gameplay.

  1. The Fronthull is impenetrable, while the Turret front is penetrable, with some places having very low armor value. You can't hull down in this tank, while the enemy can't also shoot the LFP. Suggested change: LFP should be penetrable by enemy armor, UFP and turret front should be impenetrable, and turret top should be penetrable.
  2. The reverse speed is wrong. The current reverse speed is identical to T-72. This is incorrect; ZTZ-99A featured an upgraded transmission, which makes the tank reverse and accelerate faster than other Chinese and Russian tanks. Please buff the reverse to around 30km/h.
  3. The gunner UI lacks an indicator for guided missiles (already reported)
  4. ZTZ-99A should have a higher turret rotation speed compared to T-72B3 due to better hydraulics.
  5. OWI could try to nerf the side armor for ZTZ-99A; this area is where T-72B3 should be better than ZTZ-99A, as real-life Chinese tanks prioritize frontal 30-degree armor coverage instead of the 60-degree on Russian tanks.
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