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Trackers that can be viewed in a web browser

maruhoi1maruhoi1 japan(Yokohama,Kanagawa)Member Posts: 1 Civilian

A tracker like this would bring several benefits.

  • Gameplay motivation: You can check what server participants have been contributing to each match. It will motivate players if they can see how they contributed to the team but not to the score, such as reconnaissance.
  • Check for players who violate the server rules: We always check for players who ignore the rules as reported by server participants, but since not everyone is recording, there was no way to check how they ignored the rules. The replay feature implemented in V2.5 is great, but it would be preferable to have something that can be checked from a web, smartphone (it's great to be able to manage the server even if you can't run the game).

There may be other benefits as well. What do you think of this tracker?



  • PhoenixstormPhoenixstorm GermanyMember Posts: 22 ★★

    Giving server admin more tools is always good.

    The current replays are recorded and stored locally if I'm not mistaken. Because you can see only the period in which you were on the server and that you can only see your own environment and not the other end of the map where the rule break may have taken place.

    It would make more sense especially for server admins if the replays are recorded by the server and you can download them from the server after the round has ended, so many rule breaks would be much more traceable especially if the recordings are available for a few days (four to seven days) on the server before they are automatically deleted/overwritten.

    Once you have saved the replay locally, you can still watch it after deleting it from the server until you delete it yourself. This would help both the usual player when he wants to report something and the admins to better track such reports.

    If you can watch the replay on other platforms like in a web interface would be the non plus ultra.

    On the smartphone, I would also see it at most via a web-based solution.

    The game assets are quite large and may not fit on the end device such as a smartphone and to save the assets in the replay would also not be useful because the replay will be unnecessarily large and difficult to handle especially if the server should hold the record for several days.

    For the beginning, it would make sense if you can watch the replay only via game and later via an official replay page of OWI or via a fan page that is financed with donations from other players who use the feature.

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