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more durable rally points

SloanSloan PRTA LeadMember Posts: 53 ★★

I usually don't see the point in having rally points in the game. Something recently highlighted why:

When approaching an enemy position I placed a rally point. Far enough away that it doesn't immediately burn, but close enough to spare people an annoying run across the map - and an open field. As soon as the rally was placed a truck drove by at full speed, without seeing us. Somehow that burned my rally point.

Can anyone explain how a single flatbed truck driving past at high speed actually clears an area of hostile infantry?

This would be a lot better if the rally points had a disable/destroy mechanism like the HABs, with multiple radii for different numbers of people at different distances - at longer ranges it disables the rally, and at shorter ranges it starts to burn it.

Neither a single vehicle driving past nor 2 people walking by without noticing it should result in a burned rally point.


  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 506 ★★

    It needs to be nerfed to last 60s only.

  • TUROCKTUROCK Member Posts: 10 Civilian

    i remember the old time, the rally allowed only 9 "spawn" only.

    it was tactical, no wave... <3

    Maybe squad should have a "difficulty" or "gameplay" mode with different mechanics.

    But it will be to complicated for players to handle it, understand it maybe ... ^^

    about this topic, i will say it will add more complex rules, new players will not understand ^^. For a veteran it will be easier. Good idea to change the mechanics abot that. The infantry only should be allowed to destroy the rally, with grenade or with the proximity of the player. it's experimental.

    The released is done btw...

  • LonedLoned Member Posts: 42 ★★

    I wouldn't mind if the rally has some health point, but it needs to make a faint sound like a radio, and you could find it and shoot it. It's not entirely realistic but it at least offers some counterplay.

  • TUROCKTUROCK Member Posts: 10 Civilian

    You are talking about the same mechanics in post-scriptum btw.

  • LonedLoned Member Posts: 42 ★★

    Yea, you're right. At the time, I was thinking Battlefield. But if it works with PS, I don't see a reason not to implement it in Squad

  • TUROCKTUROCK Member Posts: 10 Civilian

    There is an amount of reasons. But most important, the released of squad is done, so huge change are gone. Squad don't need no more change on his game design. This is the final shape i think.

    The game design has been changed multiple times in a concerted effort to completely eliminate siege style gameplay and the complex strategies & tactics that it created among the playerbase. All of these changes were designed to dumb the game down and create a more homogenized casual experience. Bottom line people were getting too good at the game and steamrolling everyone so the game design has kind of ended up like the concept from school where you "grade on the curve".

    This is my feedback and the observation of many veteran / old player base.


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