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stuck on main menu loading screen

Herbie47Herbie47 Member Posts: 1 Civilian

game has been running fine the last few days, got on today and now im stuck on main menu loading screen with the 3 helmets flashing on screen, i then forced closed it and restarted my pc cleared download cache, changed the resolution the fullscreen and verified my game files in steam. I tried it again and just left it loading to see if it would load i have been sitting here for nearly 50 mins with the helmets flashing but i can hear the sounds from the screen with the storm and carrier.

help would be welcome.


  • TheLoneRangoTheLoneRango Member Posts: 8 Civilian

    Same issue, though my helmets are frozen and no sound.

  • TheLoneRangoTheLoneRango Member Posts: 8 Civilian

    Version 4.0

    Type: Internal

    loading into game the very first loading screen prior to the main menu freezes after bouncing 3 helmets for a few moments. Stays frozen and not responsive in TM but has flow with CPU and MEM Usage.

    No menu sound functions either during process failure.


    Attempt to reverify integrity of files three times; Issue still concurrent.

    Attempt to uninstall all workshop mods and launch without reverification of integrity.

    Resolution: Invalid/Incompatible workshop mod.

    After uninstallation of all workshop mods the game launched through successfully with no issues or delays.

    If someone gives me information of where to provide the crash log I can specifically identify what workshop mod would be causing this issue.

    For anyone else who IS having this issue or any issue that is relative to menu/loading/ingame loading processes; It is best to just delete every mod from your workshop downloads and test without reverification first. I hope this helps people who are having issues.

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