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EAC connection problem...

AldebaranFSAldebaranFS Member Posts: 7 Civilian

Game launched perfectly, but can't join any sever and get error message as shown below:

This problem occurs as the Harju Map patch came out and all i could do is waiting passively for a hotfix that would fix it... (sadly i didn't get to play the new map as everyone was hyped)

I tried:

  1. Reboot pc
  2. Reboot Steam
  3. Reinstall Squad
  4. Reinstall EAC
  5. Verify game integrity
  6. Checked Anti-virus/Firewall settings

All not working.

Any help would be appreciated!


btw do you guys have the same kind of EAC.exe as i do(EasyAntiCheat_EOS_Setup)?

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