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System - vehicle load/unload not working accurate on/near edge of radio "blue circle"

TomNedryTomNedry ViennaMember Posts: 2 Civilian

In a vehicle a player can't load/unload although the HUD indicates that the player is within the radio "blue circle", if the player and the vehicle will be on/near the edge of the "blue circle".

I guess that this happens because the load/unload function "is bound" to the vehicles model center, while the HUD indicator for the "blue circle" is bound to the player model center. So that in the very moment as the load/unload action is triggered the player is allready in, but the vehicle is "not enough" (vehicle center = outside) within the "blue circle".

This is especially annoying as a helicopter pilot...


  • TUROCKTUROCK Member Posts: 4 Civilian


    I understand sometime it's annoying yes !

    Fix to have =

    • - increase the perimeter with an offset on the FOB's blue line.

    But honestly it's a detail with the amount of fix. And people don't care about the life of the pilots =D. "drop us and drop the supply ! quick! " <3

    GL & HF

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