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Attack helicopters

Oldskoo1Oldskoo1 Member Posts: 3 Civilian
edited November 15 in Feedback & Suggestions

Please can you make them a command asset, flown by real players.

Have this option go up the chain of command, like in real world.

Squad requests air support on a target, command gives the order for an attack heli. A pilot squad returns to base where an attack heli spawns and is unlocked by a commander.

A 2 man crew have 1 run and a set amount of ammo such as bunker busting missiles (building penetrating rockets to blow up / damage indoor habs on marked habs/radios), as well as thermal vision gunners which can be utilised at very long range i.e. >1000m

They should RTB and have a cooldown timer (5 mins or more) once they are out of ammo and can only be re-approved by command. Something like 2 bunker busters, 8 rockets, 100 rounds.

I just think if they are just in game and not approved by the commander, they will just completely destroy the enjoyment for infantry and habs / fobs.

Plus such a precious asset should hopefully stop pilots flying them as transport heli's or taking them too close to firefights making them susceptible to rocket attacks.

To balance things, they should have a big ticket penalty for a down bird so the other team has a chance on balancing (by taking one out).


  • TUROCKTUROCK Member Posts: 4 Civilian
    edited November 23

    Hello Oldskoo1,

    it's a smart idea, but i doubt this can be correctly managed or implement by the DEV. Your suggestion asks to revisit the specifications of the game and the game mechanics themself. Big change ! it's unusual but i understand your reflexion, to find a way, and have the best balance possible. As you know every pilot ( including myself ) wish this type of implementation in game and know squad is designed for infantry gameplay, "generaly". it's a pretty tricky subject !!

    • How "CAS UH-1Y" was implemented was not enough but can be a good start to test it on some layer / Map / game mod condition :)
    • (But impossible to fly with it, too many people took it... it was a mess !)

    • Some others suggestions i propose ( simple as possible 🤥) :

    • - rocket pod (x16) / air-launched cruise missile (x2) / M230 Chain Gun (x120)
    • - Chaff flares ( 1 series only [18 for exemple] )
    • - GUNNER MANAGEMENT = Multi Purpose Displays (MPD)
    • - Access / control only from the panel MDP by using the "cockpit zoom" (C.F image upload below)
    • - TV optical sensor / Direct view optics sensor / laser rangefinder & target designator (implementation of JTAC coordination system ? )
    • - Thermal optic accessible from "cockpit zoom" mod ( low contrast (and resolution) depending visual range)
    • - time to spawn : 30 ~ 45 min

    - NEW KITS

    • - CAS pilot ( x1slot ) / MANPADS ( x1 slot)

    • MDP picture :

  • TUROCKTUROCK Member Posts: 4 Civilian
    edited November 23

    Time out for editing...

    About ARMAMENT we can have multiple setup / configuration / carriage.

    • - rocket pod - Hydra 70 - ( x2 pod - x14 rocket ) + air-launched cruise missile (x2) + M230 Chain Gun (x1200 or less...)
    • - rocket pod - Hydra 70 - ( x4 pod - x28 rocket ) + M230 Chain Gun (x1200 or less...)
  • Broadcasting DutchmanBroadcasting Dutchman Member Posts: 5 Civilian

    Howdy Oldskoo1,

    I certainly see what you mean regarding how such a powerful and mobile asset like the UH-1Y can be frustrating for infantry, but the balancing mechanics you're suggesting seem overly complex.

    I think looking at it like an airborne MBT would be more appropriate. Make it a large team asset with a significant ticket count and respawn timer. And, with appropriately balanced countermeasures, I imagine it playing similarly to a MBT: being dependent on the pilot and crew's skill and the skill of enemy players' counters. Though there is something to be said for giving the enemy team a break against a good pilot/crew with your rearming idea (but using the current system). Perhaps a lesser payload for the aircraft to make rearms necessary more often? Worth thinking about.


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