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[SP] Spartan Corps | New Player Friendly

ItsNickyCItsNickyC Member Posts: 4

Spartan Corps

About Us

We're a semi-serious MILSIM group with a **relaxed** unit culture with a strong emphasis on **family**, that base our trainings off IRL Armed Forces scenarios. We host and attend events on a weekly basis in both a competitive and casual environment. We house players from across the world (Singapore, America, Canada, UK, etc). Our command team is comprised of both **Military and non-military personnel**. We currently have 2 active companies and more on the way!

What to expect?

- Opportunities to develop your own tactical knowledge, and/or leadership abilities. 

- Opportunities to host or create projects within SP. 

- Weekly planned/scheduled events. 

- Events and trainings are around 2100 EST (times may vary) or you can contact one of our BMT(Basic Military training) instructors.

- Seasonal events with giveaways and prizes!


- Functional microphone.

- Fluent in English. 

- You must be 15 and above.  

- Able to cooperate with your teammates.

- You must have common sense

- Be serious when needed to be. 

Spartan Corps on Youtube

**Spartan Corps**


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