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Squad 3.4 Technical Issues Report

OWI_IcareOWI_Icare Posts: 10 Moderator
edited November 16 in Game Support

Please report new issues here using the following format:

Bug Report Template:

  • Version: x.x (check on the main menu, bottom left)
  • Type: Map- the name of the map/Gameplay/Asset/Sound/Visual/Other bug
  • Description: Describe in detail the issue.
  • Screenshots/Video: Please include a screenshot of the issue and/or minimap location if applicable (and youtube/streamable video link if necessary)
  • Reproduction steps: how to reliably reproduce this bug (make sure it's reproducible in an online server, rather than in offline mode)
  • Any Exploit Bugs that are game-breaking should be sent via https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  • Please do not report bugs from the Offline Testing Range.


  • Oscar_NSOscar_NS Member Posts: 2 Civilian
    • Version: 3.4
    • Type: Harju
    • Description: got suddenly disconnectedted
    • Screenshots/Videattached (top message says: Server Message)o: Please include a screshen joining the usual server (MAD - Make A Difference) where i play with my clan i got disconnected after 2 minutes (never happened before, at least because packet loss). Been trying to reconnect after 20 minutes but it keeps saying the same thinguc
  • Oscar_NSOscar_NS Member Posts: 2 Civilian
  • UKBullseyeUKBullseye Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    same hare..

  • sneakylikeasneksneakylikeasnek Member Posts: 89 ★★

    Version 3.4

    Map Harju invasion v1

    Essex sits too low in the water, meaning vehicles are inaccessible on foot at main spawn.

    Additionally, the western Huey spawn is missing repair capability and the huey spawns at 50% health.

  • sneakylikeasneksneakylikeasnek Member Posts: 89 ★★

    Version 3.4

    Map Harju Invasion V3

    CAF Main has repair stations floating blocking the northern exit.

  • sneakylikeasneksneakylikeasnek Member Posts: 89 ★★

    Version 3.4


    Certain vehicles (BTRs, AAVs, etc) have silent engine sounds/bugged engine sounds.

    No certain steps to reproduce, but these vehicles sometimes are stuck in constant acceleration SFX, and from 3rd person are often completely silent - no engine sound at all. Present since last patch.

  • FlipFlopFlipFlop Member Posts: 3 Civilian
    • Version: 3.4
    • Type: Graphic Settings
    • Description: "Color grading settings will now remain consistent after restarting" this should be fixed but is not.
    • Screenshots/Video: ---
    • Reproduction steps: just restart the game to find that it is not fixed.

  • FlipFlopFlipFlop Member Posts: 3 Civilian
    edited November 10
    • Version: 3.4
    • Type: HARJU RAAS 3
    • Description: Russian first flag is really far away compared to the US team...
    • Screenshots/Video: (can't post images on this forum?)
  • nclvnclv Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Version: 3.4 running on Linux, Proton 7.0-4

    Type: EAC

    Description: EAC has been updated to the latest version and disconnects after a few minutes in multiplayer. I was able to trace the issue to the loader.log file in ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/393380/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/Application Data/EasyAntiCheat.

    Previously you were able to install EasyAntiCheat following https://squadfm.org/#installation-linux-only. 55/loader.log showed a successfull connection to https://download.eac-cdn.com/api/v1/games/55/client/wine64/download/?uuid=8ed91318-f50b-6629-6c9f-1b4dfb15e129 which was redirected to https://download-alt.easyanticheat.net/api/v1/games/55/client/wine64/download/?uuid=fada3994-9ff0-0115-4457-6faaf482d4d8.

    Now there s a new file 55c7dc1d520f4cba8ff261b85059f963/5dee4062a90b42cd98fcad618b6636c2/loader.log that shows a connection to https://modules-cdn.eac-prod.on.epicgames.com/modules/55c7dc1d520f4cba8ff261b85059f963/5dee4062a90b42cd98fcad618b6636c2/linux32_64 that give a 403 error, preventing EAC from launching successfully. If you change the last part to wow64_win64 and paste it to browser, it can be downloaded. So seems like the linux EAC file is just missing from the server.

    You could enable EAC support for Linux by following https://dev.epicgames.com/docs/services/en-US/GameServices/AntiCheat/UsingAntiCheat/index.html#clientmodulesetupandupdates and selecting Linux.


    Reproduction steps: run Squad on Linux

  • GoodeyeGoodeye Member Posts: 1 Civilian


    Hopefully we do not have hard time running squad under linux ever again, as this was really the last hurdle

  • TPBurrowTPBurrow Member Posts: 15 ★★
    • Version:
    • Type: EAC connection
    • Description: since 3.4 I get an EAC message about being unable to connect without a valid steam connection. I restart steam, and my PC and it does not change.
    • I found that being optimistic helps, as it sometimes decides to work.

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