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Couple of Suggestions for the NATO Combat Engineer kit

HWilliams22HWilliams22 Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Hey guys! I'm a 12B (Combat Engineer) in the US Army and I want to give some suggestions to improve the current US (and possibly all NATO kits).

Here is a list:

1) Combat Construction:

  • We currently already have a couple things we can build but Combat Engineers could be more useful with:
  • - 11 Row Anti-Vehicular Obstacle
  • - Triple Concertina Fence (just update the current razor wire)
  • - 40LB Cratering Charges (blows craters in the ground so deep vics cant go through them)
  • - Tanglefoot Wire Obstacle (like razor wire fence but is about .5 foot off the ground & can be hidden in foliage)
  • - Add doors (for breaching fun :P )
  • - Anti-Vehicle Ditches
  • - PERHAPS Abatis Obstacle? Could be cool to see!

2) MINE DETECTORS! (Like a PSS-14 Mine Detector [Ancient but so is NATO Logi lol])

3) Bangalores for breaching wire obstacles

4) SPIDER Munitions (Tripwire grenade/flare/gas launcher)

5) This is a 12C thing for the most part, but a BAILEY BRIDGE would be AWESOME! especially in maps where the water is so deep vehicles can't drive through the water.


These are just some QoL additions/modifications to enhance the Combat Engineer kit. As an Engineer myself, we strive for Mobility, Counter-Mobility, and Survivability and I feel OWI doesn't quite understand what we actually do! I'm always here for any questions or concerns! Thanks for attending my Ted Talk.

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