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Server moderation NMA - Invasion -24/7 - Teamwork, Tactical and Mature

Oskar MikeOskar Mike Member Posts: 7 Civilian

There was squad named like AllhaSnackbar or somethging.

I yelled at ALL chat for admins so it is wrong name and even figured the apropriate similar example - ngigaz.

I'm really against racism, especially similar behaviour against muslim people, when you know, people run as Insurgents and cry Allahu Akbar, pretending all muslim are uneducated beard apes as european propahanda shows muslim terrorists.

I several times noticed that one guy on that server was naming himself as leader of ISIS, and moreover, I saw him with friends named themself as other ISIS activists.

That it is not how you allowed to ropleplay. And it is definitely not OK to moderate servers like this.

I hope you may do something to this.

At least, I would hear from you official position on that subject


  • Oskar MikeOskar Mike Member Posts: 7 Civilian

    Oh, sorry, didn't put into the post:

    plz do not apply quotes into offencive manner - these are only examples of unacceptable usage and examples of sneaking unacceptable usage

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