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Invite friends to a private session in Jensens range?

McLootusMcLootus Member Posts: 6 Civilian

I assume I'm not the first person to ask this, but yeah, why cant we?

It would be the best way to practice with friends since you'd just be able to spawn in, change layers over and over, then use admin commands to speed up time, swap teams without worrying about balance issues, spawn any vehicle on any map to try **** out, and have your friends who are on the fence learn in the best way possible with guidance from an experienced friend.

Feels a bit overkill to get another PC just to run a private dedicated server.

If it comes down to jensens essentially being an offline map maybe some limited network functionality for up to 10 players could be implemented?

Honestly, maybe that could be created as a "demo" of the game, both to let people see if their PC's can handle it, and to get people who are curious about the game to try out its functions?

Also I think Narva should get helicopters, it's shamefully funny to fly around that map.


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