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I have been unjustly banned and I want to defend my right

batubbatub Member Posts: 1 Civilian
edited October 19 in Game Support

hello I'm playing on [TR]TVC #1 server on 14.10.2022 and I'm playing better than normal players, I was constantly getting good scores, naturally the admin was suspicious of me and called me in the discord and banned me and I was suspicious of you, so I reported it, he said I'll open your ban according to the result, I'm okay, you can report I said because he was right, I was better than the others, I would have done the same thing if I were you and I didn't mind that it wouldn't be a problem because I wasn't using cheats, but I had a shock when I opened steam the next day.2 notifications appeared, the first one about my account was banned by mistake and it was unbanned, the second one say my account was banned from the game. I think a mistake was made here, a mistake was made during the transaction. could any dev&supp look at my problem i can answer any question i am open to any kind of cooperation i have been playing the game since 2016 i have 1000 hours please help // my steam id STEAM_0:1:89197201 / KorsaNNBaBa

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