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strange scrolling on squad list

SloanSloan PRTA LeadMember Posts: 45 ★★
  1. join a server with lots of squads
  2. join a squad with many people
  3. open the squadlist/map
  4. expand your squad (and maybe other squads, I'm not entirely sure)
  5. try to scroll down to see other squads

Sometimes this lets you scroll, sometimes it doesn't. Potentially there may be different scroll areas, but all the things in the list on the left of the screen are visually in the same list.


  • SloanSloan PRTA Lead Member Posts: 45 ★★

    It seems to happen with the command squad in particular, for some reason that one sometimes (or always?) acts like it's a separate scrolling element.

  • SloanSloan PRTA Lead Member Posts: 45 ★★

    It appears to be fixed now, thanks!

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