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Tips for playing Squad ranked mode in Free Fire

PiderhuuPiderhuu Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Rank in Squad ranked mode is affected by the number of wins and losses. This means that the more booyah, the higher the rank. Therefore, please pocket the following 5 tips for playing Squad ranked mode in Free Fire to increase your chances of winning.

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If you've already made some progress in solo ranked mode, then maybe it's time to take on some real challenges in Free Fire with team ranked mode. No matter how good you are at the game, Squad Ranked mode is not easy to conquer. But don't worry there are a lot of tips to rank up quickly, in this article, Taimienphi.vn will share with you 5 tips for playing effective Squad ranked mode in Free Fire that you need to know.

1. Get Enough Loot Items For Everyone On The Team

An entire team will need more loot than one person, so you need to choose a place large enough for all members to get at least basic items like armor, hats, and guns. Areas with a large area often have more teams, so they are more dangerous. But such places are also the locations with the best loot.

2. Appointment of Team Leader

Have you ever seen a train run without a locomotive? Definitely not. Your team needs a leader who makes decisions about where to go, fight, and the mission of each team member. A captain is not necessarily the most active or the most skilled player, but they do need experience to make the right choices.

Even if your team consists of only average players, it is still a good idea to choose a school team. After all, a bad plan is better than no plan at all.

3. Sticking Together

Standing shoulder to shoulder is one of the most important things in Free Fire's Squad Ranked mode. 4v1 is definitely easier than 1v1. You don't even have to worry about death because your teammates are right beside you to save you. But if you are alone against 4 other players, there is no chance for anyone to save you, and returning to the lobby is certain.

4. Bring At least One Penguin Pet

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Mr.Waggor is the newest addition to Free Fire's pet list and its ability to give you one of the most important tools in the game is the Gloo Wall.

In a team, you may just need to give your teammates all of your glue walls alone and Mr.Waggor can continue to create more Gloo Walls for the whole team. Of course, you will need to level up your pet to the highest level to make the most of this penguin's skills.

5. Focus On Attack Together

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Many Squad ranked players made the mistake of firing too early. This will alarm other teams, allowing them to run away or even counterattack. If you want to kill something in a team ranked mode, kill them as a team to make sure they have absolutely no chance of survival and counterattack or at least injure them badly enough. .

In addition to how to play Squad mode in ranked, players can also choose to play Solo Free Fire.

Teamwork is an important skill in many situations, even in games. Pocket the 5 effective Squad Ranked tips shared above, and work well with your teammates and you'll get unexpected victories in Free Fire's attractive team-ranked mode.

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