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3M_Adhesives3M_Adhesives Member Posts: 4 Civilian

Anyone else think it would be nice to see NVDs for both infantry and armor? Insurgents could have mixed NVDs, so one person might have an orange mono lens, or a green bifocal. As far as armor goes, Thermals in tanks would be a cool edition, especially on maps with lower visibility. MBTs are guaranteed to have both NVDs and thermals, while some vehicles might only have NVDs, similar to their real life counterparts. Auto range adjustment for tanks after using the rangefinder would also be a welcome addition. Maybe dedicate a key to press to use auto adjustment, kind of like the stabilizer? I'd like to see what other people think. I am aware that it may make facing tanks even more of a pain in the butt.


  • PhoenixstormPhoenixstorm Member Posts: 31 ★★

    For Tank's, IFV's and APC's yes but anything smaller straight no except for TOW/Kornet they need that badly.

    It's was vital to use normal smoke to create a temp area only thermals could view through.

    For Inf with FOB:

    That meant Stationary ATGM's could be used more safly but wasn't granted if the opponet vic. had also thermals or if a LMG / MMG already had the launcher in sight and shooting the hidden operator in intervals until the smoke dissapears.

    For Vic's:

    That made them actual dangerous and the Inf needed needed to consider hard cover more often instead of camoflage and have some sort of respect, until they can strike. Altenative Inf could to work together with the bait and switch tactic, getting the Tanks gunner attention and give their AT's a window of oppertunity.

    With tracking and engine loss the Vic's are still more vulnerable than enough and even with thermals their would escape their fate if surrounden by Inf.

    And than their would be IR-Smoke to protect a short time against SQL with Lasermarkers to guide Rockets/Bombs but i guess until we have them we don't need the IR-Smoke right now.

    But i seriouly doubt they will add this, because that wouldn't pleasure the casual playerbase.

  • 3M_Adhesives3M_Adhesives Member Posts: 4 Civilian

    I was thinking to just add NVDs to infantry on the darker/night time maps, as for the thermals on tanks, if CAS helicopters are being added, I think it could balance it out since tanks can't really do much against them.

  • EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 532 ★★
    edited October 2022

    NV or even just spotlights to vehicles on darker maps maybe.

    No to everything else. Performance is bad enough already.

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