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enemy radio markers

SloanSloan Member Posts: 104 ★★

Thanks for adding the build & exclusion radii for those.

First impressions:

1) It really helps. I can now see exactly where to expect assets. That information being persistent is also very helpful.

2) The enemy circles definitely over-power the circles around friendly assets, which sometimes does make friendly positions harder to see. Could we get an option to tone down the enemy circle opacity? Ideally, each colour set would have the same perceived intensity IMO.

3) Could we get an option for having those circles always enabled? Being able to see them when I put the mouse over them is a good start, but as an SL I would prefer to have that information always available. Whether people want to see them or not really depends on what role they are playing: for COs and SLs it's quite important to keep enemy FO locations in mind as they are a pretty important part of our situational awareness, but for many other people it would just add clutter.

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