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V3.3 CAS Helicopter Feedback

MqxleMqxle Member Posts: 1 Civilian

I'd like to see helicopters with more powerful weapons in the future in Squad. Real attack helicopters like an Apache, Eurocopter is not needed in my opinion, Squad should stick to usual helicopters with weapons installed.

Though some helicopters have rocket pods in reallife and it might be realistic this way, it's unecessary and annoying because it will end in a stupid way of gameplay with people flying around the map and destroy a single outpost and so on...

What I'd like to see are helicopters with door gunners instead of the rocket pods like we already have. It would be a better gameplay mechanic, especially because you need multiple Squad members and it won't be brainless spam of rockets. So reduce the penetration of the minigun, add fragmentation damage and for a Russian variants use the Kord MG, which might have higher penetration instead of damage output. Suggestion: minigun should be able to destroy unarmored vehicles like normal trucks or a Tigr, but not closed vehicles like MTLB, BMP, BTR or RWS Tigr. Kord is able to penetrate an RWS MRAP and maybe a APC.

So the weapons are not the same with different gameplay.

I suggest to add high ticket cost of helicopters with weapons installed, less or no amount of logisticpoints, high respawn time so players are still careful and if a nation doesn't have the ability to use such helicopters, don't give them such helicopters and balance the nation with a different gameplay tweak.


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