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Client Side API

sumdooodsumdoood Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Hey there,

I'd love to develop software for more "power-user" Squad players out there.

It would be lovely if the game exposed a client side API to the localhost, that allowed for software on the PC to poll information for current games the player is in or recently finished end-game stats.

Information that would be really helpful to receive the following from said client side API:

  • Revives
  • (End-Game stats) Kills
  • (End-Game stats) Assists (if you are tracking this)
  • (End-Game stats) Vehicle Kills
  • (End-Game stats) Vehicle Assists
  • Role(s) played during game
  • Time spent in said role (+kit) so far
  • Time spent in a role(+kit) during a game
  • (End-Game stats) Kills made based on role
  • (End-Game stats) Revives made based on a role
  • Team-Mates healed (fully)
  • Health Points healed
  • Weapon used to kill
  • Time spent in each team
  • It would be helpful if the team is always attached to all the contemporary data, so we know which team a certain action was performed on
  • Damage dealt (end of the game)

Thats all so far.

This would allow third party devs to develop tools for players that are interested in becoming better at certain roles and compare themselves to other players (either anonymized or if agreed by GDPR standards, directly to other players).

Bigger platforms (especially Riot Games) have been doing this for a while, allowing third party devs to develop tools for the games and the Devs at Riot to control how specific this data is, through the client side API.

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