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3.3 CAS helicopter

STL-AlexHongSTL-AlexHong Member Posts: 7 Civilian

I know that JDAM will coming in the cmd asset in the future, but if you allow rocket support from CAS helicopters, it would be better to remove the fighter rocket run from the commander support slot and would be good to change fire support linked to air strikes such as JDAM or UAV's guided some assets(AGM or laser guided weapons).

And we need to use the AA assets to conventional faction such as the MANPAD, SAM, or Mobile AA tank. Especially MANPAD can apply to the all factions like a Taliban's stinger(INS) or Chechen's Igla(MIL).


  • STL-AlexHongSTL-AlexHong Member Posts: 7 Civilian

    Absolutely we also should add the flare to the heli when MANPAD or AAM added.

  • DlaCiebiePanDlaCiebiePan Member Posts: 1 Civilian
    edited September 2022


    it should stay in the game. IMO there is no need adding MANPADs (for that moment) 


    especially CAS heli have to be more vulnerable for any type of weapon (mostly AT, and heavy cal. from vehicles). Also adding equivalents like CAS version of Mi-8 for opposite faction in layer should help. Damage dealed by that 50. cal is to big - maybe just leave it with miniguns/standard mgs and rockets only?

    And of course - spawn delay (20-30mins)

    After dealing with CAS bugs its gonna be a really nice and in my opinion needed feature. Just need to be balanced a little and make it to be not that safe to fly near enemy forces.

  • PanternPantern Member Posts: 6
    edited September 2022

    CAS Helicopters are a good addition to the game in my opinion, however, I don't think one helicopter should be armed to the teeth with everything possible. Instead of mounting everything on one helicopter you should spread it out.

    UH-1Y v1 - 2 external stations for 70 mm Hydra 70 or APKWS II rockets. (No pintle mounts)

    UH-1Y v2 - 2 pintle mounts with 7.62x51 mm M240D machine gun and .50 cal M2 machine gun or 7.62x51 mm NATO M134 minigun.

    UH-1Y v3 - 2 pintle mounts with 7.62x51 mm M240D machine gun.

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