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Helicopter 3.3

EcchiRevengeEcchiRevenge Member Posts: 530 ★★

Still flying tank. It doesn't matter that some parts can be damaged by normal rifles(still fail to damage at an angle, for example above 60degrees, and it's not much damage). The pilot can't be shot out by anything without bug before destroying the helicopter(nothing wrong with having pilots shot out - this will incentivize having a co-pilot). For how fast helicopters respawn and how little tickets they cost - it's disgusting that even handheld AT weapons won't one-shot them.

Now with "accidental" addition of cas huey that destroys btr in under 4s(bmp under 5s) with 50cal alone(this is ignoring the rocket, or the minigun that shoots over 1500rpm with 240 damage that shreds logi).

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