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Squad v3.3 Report Issues

OWI_IcareOWI_Icare Posts: 16 Moderator

Squad v3.3 is now live, please report new issues here using the following format:

Bug Report Template:

  • Version: x.x (check on the main menu, bottom left)
  • Type: Map- the name of the map/Gameplay/Asset/Sound/Visual/Other bug
  • Description: Describe in detail the issue.
  • Screenshots/Video: Please include a screenshot of the issue and/or minimap location if applicable (and youtube/streamable video link if necessary)
  • Reproduction steps: how to reliably reproduce this bug (make sure it's reproducible in an online server, rather than in offline mode)
  • Any Exploit Bugs that are game-breaking should be sent via https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  • Please do not report bugs from the Offline Testing Range.


  • n1mmeln1mmel Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Version 3.3

    Hey OWI,

    I can't see who's talking if I'm in the Command Menu. Only blurred in the background. It would be better as a SL to see who is talking if I'm on the map.

    Greets, n1mmel

  • FlipFlopFlipFlop Member Posts: 3 Civilian


    About the new Cas heli, I think that it's Okey to leave it in the game even if it was a mistake, it gives the game a content and a new play style, but I do also think that it should be delayed at least 15 minutes and cost more tickets if destroyed and also the counterpart should at least be able to deploy the ZU-23 AA gun (the one that ins can deploy) and also the AA truck would be good to have against that heli. During the first day, people started to fight the heli using kamizake helicopter.

    Narva. At first I was ecxited about this layer, I've played it and I was disappointed. You cannot place Habs in low depth water, and there is 90% of water... If you can enter half flooded buildings I don't see why you cannot use a half flooded HAB... Right now it only delete many of the squad mechanics just becouse there is a lot of water. And also I am running below 45fps on that layer.

  • STL-AlexHongSTL-AlexHong Member Posts: 7 Civilian

    Vehicle smoke SFX fix when? This is one of the factors that can hurt immersion to the game.

  • ViajeroViajero Member Posts: 17 Civilian

    I was goingt o do the same report. The normal game screen is fine, we can see both the new HUD with the squad mini list and also the name pop ups on top when someone speaks, etc, as until now. But in the map screen we can not see who is talking unless oyu look at the full squad column which is much more slow and cumbersome ans it is larger and sometimes it even overflows the screen.

    Please give us back the player name pop up when someone speaks at the bottom left also in the map screen!

  • DentonDenton Member Posts: 15
    • Version: 3.3
    • Type: Gameplay / Asset
    • Description: Tracked Vehicles like MBT's or IFV's can still gain speed with a destroyed Engine and circle the tank when the Engine is destroyed and one side of Tracks is destroyed. It makes no gameplay difference if a MBT is Single Tracked or Single Tracked and Engine blown. IF the Engine is destroyed the Vehicle should not be able to transfer momentum to the tracks. However it looks like if the Egine is destroyed only forward/backward Momentum is affected. If you drive to the right and left you still get full engine Power even with a destroyed engine.

    • Screenshots/Video: youtube.com/watch?v=z2nplPh3P8w
    • (@OWI_Icare mind embedding my Video or post it as a link?)
    • Reproduction steps: Enter a MBT (T72/M1A2) where you 100% destroyed the engine. In the driver Seat start the engine and accelerate with "W" now press "A" and "D" to gain momentum wile holding "W" you will gain speed and you can drive in circles.
    • If the Engine is destroyed i think the Engine should be turned off and can not be startet until repaired up to 15% but fixing the current issue would be a great start....

  • RainSongRainSong Member Posts: 1 Civilian

    Attack heli is much fun, but configuration for controls is weird. I personally have LMB bind to heli increase collective. The problem is, I'm unable to bind heli fire to some key and unbind it from LMB. So, each time I increase collective, I give some celebrating nurs fireworks...

    Definitely in need of arranging heli attack to separate controls setting.

  • PlayusSlavPlayusSlav Member Posts: 2 Civilian
    edited October 2022
    • Version: v3.3
    • Type: Gameplay/Visual
    • Description: A frame drop when you access in a normal match to the type of rol (command and support, fire support, squad roles…) of any menu with rol selector, apparently because the game checks if you can put the rol. This bug happens in every match and in the seed game mode when the server has a notable number of people. The only place that never happen never is in training. If a normal (any gamemode unless seed) match doesn't have players the frame drop is low but still happens. If you access the rol type of “command and support” the frame drop is more intense because it is the rol type of all the 4 types of roles that more roles contain. If you access to refill ammo or move a vehicle in his respectives wheel don’t have the bug because there is no role to charge. I think that this bug has happened since v3.0. I'm like 70% sure but I don’t put it there because I noticed the bug a few days ago. 
    • Screenshots/Video: The bug in a public match: youtube.com/watch?v=KevGkItElOE
    • How the bug don’t appear in a seed match: youtube.com/watch?v=wIH9Yhr4OBk

    • Reproduction steps: Go to any menu that includes a rol selector ingame (ammo box, vehicle…) open the rol selector and click in any TYPE OF ROL.

    •  Why this happens in my point of view: I think that this bug happens because when you access a type of rol part, the game checks if you can put the roles in this type of role. Command and support have more roles than the others and this is because the frame drop is bigger. In training mode and in seed mode with not too many people doesn't happen because you don’t have rol restriction and when the match has rol restriction but no players happens too low because the game doesn't need to check too many people.

    PD: Thank you so much OWI for listening to me and sorry for my english, I expect that this bug report will help you to make this a better game.

  • JonasJonas Member Posts: 2 Civilian


    Fog Bug is back with a vengenace!

    Scorpo is unplayable because cant see. Not even weapon visible, Happens every time.

  • PlayusSlavPlayusSlav Member Posts: 2 Civilian

    I forgot to say about my post that this bug happen in all PC. My PC is not very powerful but this bug still happening in PC with more power.

  • XGoldenDwagon72XGoldenDwagon72 Member Posts: 1 Civilian


    Type: visual

    I have a major bug where my graphics are extremely subpar to what they used to be everything else works perfectly fine such as server connecting, sounds, and class system. The issue is that I'm not having trouble on one map with graphics it is every single mad even when I'm not spawned in the avatars for the classes are pixelated as well as terrain visual bugs. It happens any time I join a server or range the graphics are always bugged as seen in the screenshots however I cannot post screenshots at this moment because of the website the message I receive is "You have to be around for a little while longer before you can post links." The screenshots are public on my steam page. The game still works the way it is intended and plays well the only problem is the graphics I have reset to default graphics and changed many things, but the problem does not get solved. If there is any way to fix this issue on my end or If I can help, I would be more than happy to fix my issue or help in any way I can.

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