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rework tactical request abilities

Remove requirement to need a tactical request for commander & the requirement to be near a HAB

replace massive AOE abilities with precision strike abilities & decrease cooldown

(we have all gotten used to the current meta and just accepted it but I think we should all think about whether or not it really benefits the gameplay being able to blow an entire objective to smithereens)

remove ability to place IED on drones, replace with the ability to drop a grenade

(realism, these drones cannot carry the weight of 8 mortars strapped together, its unrealistic)

Add insurgent Car Bomb vehicle as a constructible tactical request ability, constructed by combat engineer, or crewman tool box instead of shovel.

(realism & just cause)

allow the ability to strap an IED vest to a person + give unarmed class longer lasting stamina

(realism & for better gameplay)

reduce the max speed of mopeds to 61 mph

(they are trail bikes not ninja motorcycles)

precision artillery strikes, a single artillery round that can penetrate buildings or explode before it hits the ground


  • thebiglezthebiglez Member Posts: 40 ★★

    I think precision artillery strikes would be too powerful against FOBs.


    I would argue that creeping barrage is 3 times more powerful because it can destroy 2 HABs and all of the infantry around and in between it

  • ItchypantzItchypantz Member Posts: 24 Civilian

    CAS was nerfed a long time ago and I think it stinks. If I get a good hit on a HAB, it should be WIPED OUT. Also if I get a direct hit on a radio.

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