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RB | Royal Battalion - recruiting

Venom-1-Venom-1- Member Posts: 1 Civilian

Hello everyone,

We are Royal Battalion, better known as RB.

RB has one of the top 15 servers in Squad where you will get the chance to play with loads of people and different clans from whom you can learn a great deal about the game and how to get the most out of everything.

RB is a Squad focused clan but we also like to dabble in other games like:

• Arma 3

• Post Scriptum

• Factorio

• War Thunder

• Sea of Thieves

And many more!

What we can provide you:

• A large active community

• Access to our public server and our training server

• Weekly Training

• We do vanilla and modded events every 2 weeks, creating new experiences within the game.

• Access to our community competitive team with enough training and a competent level of skill.

The requirements:

• Aged 18+

• English speaking

• We accept Casual and competitive players

• Fairly mature, but able to have a laugh too

• Join our discord voice channels and our server to be considered

• Must be active in game and in the community

• Prospect status for two weeks in which time you must pass a vote

• A minimum of 80% of our members must vouch for you as we have high standards for members longevity and consistency as community members

• Mutual respect for your clan mates

Please message RB | Venom-1- or RB | Mungo for more details.

We also have an event coming up that you can sign up for now!


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