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New player looking for either Milsim/fun clan

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Hello all, just got into Squad and I've played a few games and communicate well with my squad that I'm in to relay information, I'm up for any role and any mission and I'm eager to learn more about this game and continue growing. I am also not role picky so you can throw me where ever you need me and I will play that role to the best of my ability. I'm very mature and I do not scream in the mic I actually find that rather annoying.





Name: Kody Becker

Age: 17

Location: USA

My steam is: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Zenith1173/

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I am writing to you on behalf of the Allied Precise Gunmen. We are a gaming clan that has been around since 2002, and has been involved in multiple FPS games as well as some Mil Sim Games. If you are looking for a well organized, strategic clan that uses TS3 (A voice communication program), a US Army ranking system, and prides itself in tactical team play, but still has fun, than look no further than the Allied Precise Gunmen.

Also, since we are reforming, there may be some leadership opportunities available for those that show the ability.

(We currently have about 20 Active Members, and are growing everyday)

Our General Requirements Are as Follows:

- Mature and Positive Attitude
- Good at the game (Of course!)
- A team player willing to accept orders as well as give them
- 18 Years of Age or greater is preferred. (Exceptions MAY be made, based on maturity)
- Encouraged Donations, however not an actual Requirement

What I need from you:

-Simply log onto our website ( http://apgclan.enjin.com ) , goto the recruitment office, and fill out the application!

What we offer you:

-Competitive, Team-Oriented, Fun Game Play
-Mature and Responsible Leaders that still know how to have fun
-A great community of members that joke around and have a good time, while maintaining a professional level of in game teamwork and competence.
-A fully working and interactive website, with forums.
-A high speed Teamspeak VOIP Server for real time voice communications
-A full ranking system using US Army Ranks, Fireteams, Squads,and Divisions

Visit our Website and fill out a form in the recruiting office, and/or post in the forums!

Our website is www.apgclan.enjin.com
Teamspeak Server: apgclan.enjinvoice.com
Feel free to add me on steam for any questions you may have: Steam ID mcobra1588

I look forward to hearing from you , and hope to add you as the newest member of the APG!

Commanding Officer,
Allied Precise Gunmen

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