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Looking For Some People Who Want Wo Start Something (US/EU)

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Looking for a group of people who wish to start a group or just a squad to play together.

I'm big into squad play and am looking for people who know what they are doing tactically ( Because I can always teach people the game basics) and can give/ receive orders to be effective on the battlefield.

Little about me-

ArmA III player

In love with Milsim

always out-flanking the others


Recon and taking my time


like to have fun ---- CANNOT BE TOO SERIOUS


Add me on steam or hop in T.S.




voice.gameservers.com:9278  ( Temporary until my server is back up)

                                                               T.S. Name- ZtotheD


If you have any questions and or are interested please comment .




I am willing to join another group if they seem suit for me just let me know with a link and a SMALL amount of info :)

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